Building Project

Building Project Overview

July 1, 2020


The Committee is excited to report that we are close to being able to begin the next phase of our building project, which is construction. Following is some background to this undertaking.


The notion of expanding our facility began in 2011. The driving forces included:


1) Our need for more lobby/transitioning space

2) Additional Sunday School/education classrooms

3) An updated nursery

4) More worship space/larger sanctuary


We have experienced some hurdles along the way that have slowed the process, but we have made progress. We have also been blessed to be able to accumulate generous donations that are on hand specific to this project.

Most recently, we became aware that the football field property owned by the Albert City school district was for sale (see pictures above). It was felt this would be worth pursuing. Owning the property would provide more options for building. It would also give us more land space, and we would have a fully brand-new facility. All of this for around the same cost of what an addition to our current structure would be. Our bid was accepted by the school board on June 15th. Since then, the Building Committee has been working on a new plan design and gathering cost estimates for building on that site. That process is close to completion and once finished, will be presented to the Congregation. Approval from the congregation will be needed before moving forward.


The committee is optimistic given where we are in this process. If what is presented is approved, construction could begin yet this fall.

Design Phase

July 20, 2020

The team is in full stride working with our designer to get a building plan that will meet our needs here at ACEFC!