July 5, 2020
“Glorious Day” “Holy Spirit”
“Good Grace” “Who You Say I Am”
The Beginning of the End: John 12
21 Weeks with Jesus
I. Marching toward Death [1-19]
Application: Following Jesus requires
_____________ & _______________
II. The Hour is at Hand [20-36a]
Application: There is a ____________ window of opportunity
for someone to ___________ to ___________ Jesus
III. Judgment on Unbelief [36b-50]
Application: If Jesus is not your __________, then
God is your ___________.

Wed.: 8:00 PM – Jr. & Sr. High Youth Group “Movie Night” Popcorn and an outdoor movie

July 19: 6:00 PM – Semi-Annual Congregational Meeting
August 20-24: Head to the Hills! Men’s 4-wheeling
September 18-19: Women’s Retreat at Hidden Acres. See bulletin board for more info.

PRAYER AND PRAISE: Please pray for:
Missionaries: Rev. Mike Shields, Central District Supt.
Church Families: Mike & Michelle Ehlers, Clayton, Allison
Steve & Betty Ehlers
Serving at Hidden Acres: Marcail Olson, Intern; Alyssa Feeley & Greta Small, Sr. Counselors
Campers at Hidden Acres this week: Sara Feeley

USHERS FOR JULY: Chris Archer & Jon Kulp

Sunday: Noon – 4pm (appointment only)
Monday: Emergencies only
Tuesday: 9am – 5pm
Wednesday: 9am – 3pm & 6pm – 8pm
Thursday: 9am – 1pm
Fri & Sat: Off
These are the hours that Pastor Jesse may be in his office. It is still recommended that you call prior to coming into the church. Please route calls through the church office as much as possible. For questions that are not urgent, such as Bible questions, etc, please email him at jcevans4@liberty.edu. Appointments can be made outside of these hours as needed due to work schedules, etc.

The first Sunday of each month is “Mission Sunday” and all undesignated offering will go to the MISSION FUND.

LIFE GROUP NOTES: Many Life Groups decide not to meet in the summer months; however, Pastor Jesse will continue making Life Group notes available on the website under the “Connect” tab in the “Life Group” section. Study some more on your own, with your family, or as a Life Group throughout the summer.

CAMPFIRE CHURCH: Due to summer absences and the semi-annual meeting, we will not be having campfire church on Sunday evenings in July. We will re-evaluate in August.

BUILDING PROJECT UPDATE: With the purchase of the property for our project now complete, the committee is working on the following. Plan design and engineering is in process. Once those are done and reviewed the bidding process will then begin. After those cost estimates are received, both plan design and estimates will be presented to the congregation. After review with the congregation, and approval, we will then be ready to move to the construction phase. It’s anticipated to have updates to be presented within the next 30 days.

Beginning June 1st, there will be a CHRONOLOGICAL STUDY THROUGH THE BIBLE available on the church website. You can find it under the “training center” by clicking on “Biblical studies.” Pastor Jesse will add a new week’s worth of reading and an introductory video until the study is complete this time next year. After that, it will be available to study at your own pace anytime you want. This is a great way to grasp the historical overview of the events of Scripture and to bring more understanding of God’s overall story.

Men – HEAD TO THE HILLS! The annual Men’s 4-wheeling trip to South Dakota is scheduled for August 20-24. Please sign up at the welcome desk if you are interested in going. Registration is due July 15, along with a fully refundable $100 deposit. For more information, please see Phil Sundblad or Chad Bjork.

THANK YOU for all the nice cards and text messages we received for our anniversary. We are so blessed to be together 50 years and have such great friends. Denny and Janeen Hogrefe