October 13, 2019
TODAY’S WORSHIP “Lord Reign in Me” “Christ is Enough” “Glorious Day (Passion)” “Rescuer”
TODAY’S MESSAGE “What Has God Done?” Colossians 1:12-14 (page 1832 in the pew Bible) 1. God has _______________ you. (v. 12) 2. God has _______________ you. (v. 13a) 3. God has _______________ you. (v. 13b) 4. God has _______________ you. (v. 14) The Doctrine of Redemption 1. Redemption is in ______________. 2. Redemption brings believers out from under the curse of the ______________. 3. Christians await the final redemption of the _______________. 4. Redemption is only through the _______________ of Christ. 5. Believers are ______________ until the day of redemption. 6. Christ’s redemption _______________ a people for Himself.
TODAY: 4:00-6:00 PM – U-Turn
THIS WEEK: Tues.: 9:00 AM – Ladies Bible Study Wed.: 6:00 PM – Meal served 6:30 PM – Adventure Club 7-Up (Jr. High)
UPCOMING EVENTS: October 24: 9:00 AM – ACA MomStrong December 2: 6:00 PM – Ladies Christmas Guest Dinner December 8: 6:00 PM – Christmas Program January 3-5: Impact (Sr. High) February 7-9: Winter Blast (6th – 8th grade) February 29-March 1: All Church Retreat at Hidden Acres
PRAYER AND PRAISE: Please pray for: Missionaries: Steve Pinkley, Hidden Acres Church Families: Peter & Kelsey Huskamp, Wyatt, Ethan Linda Kindwall If you know of someone in our church family who should be included in our prayers and praise, please get their permission, and then leave a note on the secretary’s desk. Thanks!
NURSERY SCHEDULE: Today 9:00 AM – Brenda S., Stephanie A. 10:00 AM – Andrea H., Alyssa F. Oct. 20 9:00 AM – Gus & Nancy B. 10:00 AM – Aaron & Cheri H.
USHERS FOR OCTOBER: Doug Anderson and Stephen Bloom
FOR OUR FAMILIES WITH YOUNG CHILDREN: If your little one needs to “get up and move” a little during the service, we have a live video feed of the service in the fellowship hall so that you can still hear the service.
CONGRATULATIONS to Christopher & Kelsey Ruthart on the birth of their son, Kohen Edward on October 7. Kohen joins big sisters Harper and Celia.
STUDENTS! It’s not too early to start practicing if you plan to be part of the musical prelude for our CHRISTMAS PROGRAM on December 8!
RISE- Let’s RISE up together! Please prayerfully consider being a mentor to a youth. It is an important time in a young person’s life and you can have an impact! There are many ways you can invest time. We are looking for mentors to sign up to be intentional on reaching out. It is as easy as sending a quick text message, supporting them at a game/play/school events, and meeting together once a month or so to see how they are doing. Sign up at the Pulse- both men and women are needed! For more information contact Alyssa Feeley, Nichole Evans, Andrea Hogrefe, or Stephanie Archer
2020 ELECTION OF CHURCH OFFICERS: The nominating committee has started the process of putting together a ballot for the yearly congregational meeting in January to elect our new officers. If you are interested in filling a position, please contact Joel Ehlers, Pastor Jesse, or call the church office. We can give you more information such as length of term and the responsibilities of the position. Please be praying for the nominating committee as they will be prayerfully and Biblically seeking those who are the best qualified according to what Scripture says about leaders within the church. The positions that are available for the upcoming election are: Elders (2) C.E. Chairman Vice Chairman of the General Board C.E. Board (1) Secretary Missionary Treasurer Trustees (2) Deaconess (1) Missions Committee (1) Music & Worship (1) Central District Conference Delegates
MONTHLY CHURCH TREASURY REPORTS: Current Balance Monthly Budget Needs General & CE Fund: $13,666.66 $26,147 Missions Fund ($749.43) $5,900 Building Fund $1,227,196.97
THE WOMEN OF THE EVANGELICAL COVENANT CHURCH invite the ladies of our church to join them on Thursday, October 24 at 7:00 PM for “Grandparents Matter” by Jane Larson. Jane has worked for and with the Legacy Coalition of Phoenix, Arizona for several years. The Coalition sees grandparents as having the incredible potential to spiritually influence the next generation and we have the Biblical mandate to do so.