January 12, 2020

Open Up the Heavens Holy Spirit
We Come, O Christ, to Thee ‘Tis So Sweet
Glory to God Forever

Part 1: Colossians 3:18-19
I. The role of the wife is to __________. (v. 18)
II. The role of the husband is to __________. (v. 19)
III. God’s design for marriage is a _________________ relationship

4:00 PM – U-Turn

Mon.: 6:30 PM – Sermon Writing Workshop
Wed.: 6:00 PM – Meal Served
6:30 PM – Adventure Club for ages 2 through 6th grade
7:00 PM – 7-Up (Jr. High)
Sat.: 4:00 – 8:00 PM – Marriage Matters Conference

January 19: 6:00 PM – Annual Congregational Meeting
January 24: 7:00 PM – Family Board Game Night
February1: 9:00 – 11:00 AM – Bridal Shower for Madi O’Brien (Luke Sundblad) at Jill Sundblad’s home 2441 480th St., Albert City
February 7-9: Winter Blast (6th – 8th grade)
February 29-March 1: All Church Retreat at Hidden Acres

PRAYER AND PRAISE: Please pray for:
Missionaries: Claudiu & Jenn Soare, Romania
Church Families: Reid & Dory Prins
Sam & Hope Radke, Tate

Today 9:00 AM – Andrea H., Jill K.
10:00 AM – Aaron & Cheri H.
Jan. 19 9:00 AM – Nancy B., Brenda S.
10:00 AM – Colleen M., Alyssa F.

USHERS FOR JANUARY: Chad Kischer & Craig Sundblad

Sunday: Noon – 4pm (appointment only)
Tuesday: 9am – 5pm
Wednesday: 9am – 3pm & 6pm – 8pm
Thursday: 9am – 1pm
Fri & Sat: Off
These are the hours that Pastor Jesse may be in his office. It is still recommended that you call prior to coming into the church. Please route calls through the church office as much as possible. For questions that are not urgent, such as Bible questions, etc, please email him at jcevans4@liberty.edu. Appointments can be made outside of these hours as needed due to work schedules, etc.

MARRIAGE MATTERS 20/20: Are things a little BLURRY in your marriage? Not seeing EYE to EYE with your spouse? Lost the VISION of what a godly marriage LOOKS like? Join us on January 18, 4-8 PM for a marriage CHECK-UP. Steve & Anne Zupke (recommended by Darwin & Darlis Anderson) will get us to LOOK into our marriages, SEE what’s out of FOCUS, and give us INSIGHT to get our marriages back to 20/20. LOOK AROUND and invite other couples who may need a VISION CORRECTION. We don’t want to go into the night BLIND, so please sign up at the welcome desk!

ADVENTURE CLUB has started up again, and we have a sign-up sheet at the welcome desk to provide a meal each Wednesday. We are serving about 60-80 children and adults each week, so get together with another family, or have your Life Group work together and be a blessing!

FAMILY BOARD GAME NIGHT at the church! Bring your favorite board game, a deck of cards, a snack, and be ready to have fun! Join us Friday, January 24th at 7pm in the fellowship hall.

DADS AND MOMS: Looking for a fun winter activity with your kids? Come to Twin Lakes Bible Camp Saturday, January 25 from 3-7 PM for tobogganing, broom ball, ice skating, gym, coffee house and food, plus lots more! We will be sharing the camp with families from Faith Community Church. Cost is $5 per person. Please sign up at the welcome desk so we can plan for food.

RISE: Youth mentor program will be having a short meeting immediately after church on January 26th. Those who need to attend are the mentors, youth mentees, and parents of the youth. This meeting will only last about 15 minutes and will set some ground rules for the program.

33: THE SERIES – MEN’S MINISTRY is launching its initial sign-up phase! Please prayerfully consider inviting a fellow man that you know. There is a sign-up sheet at the welcome center and invitation cards with a schedule of each session on the back. This is going to be an amazing opportunity that will build up men that have positive influences in their homes, communities and work places. The first 6 session series will be hosted at the Albert City fire station.

A special THANK YOU to the church for the gift of money and the love offering. There aren’t words to say how much it is appreciated. All we can say is thank you and God bless all of you. Dennis & Phyllis Olson

Please join us for a Come and Go Bridal Shower for Madi O’Brien (Luke Sundblad)on February 1 from 9 – 11 AM at Jill Sundblad’s home. Madi is registered at Target and the Straw Horse.