September 27, 2020
“Because of Your Love” “You Are My King”
“O Worship the King” “Take My Life”

Jesus Fixes the Broken – John 21
21 Weeks with Jesus
Do not run back to the old life when you have ___________ or feel
…the old life doesn’t ____________ Jesus.
Allow Jesus to ______ ________ ____________
________ Jesus
Jesus wants you to move past brokenness & failure
to become _______ you are called to _____
Take care of you own _____________

TODAY: 3:00 PM – Jr. & Sr. High Parents’ Meeting
3:00-7:00 PM – “Backyard Olympics” Youth Group

Tues.: 6:00 AM – Men’s Bible Study
Wed.: 7:00-8:00 PM – All Church Worship & Prayer Night
Thurs.: 6:30 PM – Elder Board
7:00 PM – Trustee Board
7:30 PM – General Church Board

October 4: Baptism Sunday
October 7: Mid-Week Clubs Kick-off
November 13-15: ACEFC Women’s Ministry Retreat at Rock River Retreat

PRAYER AND PRAISE: Please pray for:
Missionaries: Tony & Missy Benedict, The Well, Jacksonville, FL
Church Families: Jon & Melissa Kulp
Dale & Traci Larson

USHERS FOR SEPTEMBER: Kyle Wenell and Jake Heuton

Sunday: Noon – 4pm (appointment only)
Monday: Emergencies only
Tuesday: 9am – 5pm
Wednesday: 9am – 3pm & 6pm – 8pm
Thursday: 9am – 1pm
Fri & Sat: Off

MONTHLY DISCIPLESHIP CHALLENGE: When was the last time that you got on your knees to pray?

ALL CHURCH WORSHIP & PRAYER NIGHT: On Wednesday, September 30th from 7:00-8:00 pm we will be holding a night of worship & prayer. This year has been so full of turmoil and uncertainty that we need to come together as a church body and pray. You are encouraged to fast supper that night, or whatever you feel comfortable or are able to fast, and come out to worship and pray with us. Childcare will be provided for nursery through 4th grade. Any kids in 5th grade or higher are welcome to worship and pray with us. We understand that harvest will likely be in full swing by then but ask that you please consider joining us for this night.

CHURCH BAPTISM: On Sunday, October 4th, Pastor Jesse will be teaching on baptism. He will be addressing issues such as infant baptism versus adult baptism, works versus faith, and what baptism is and what it represents. Following service, we will be conducting another baptism celebration. Please contact the church office and set up a time to talk with Pastor Jesse about baptism if you want to be baptized or simply have questions about it.

Ladies! Are you ready to run away from it all?? Now’s your chance! Women’s Ministry is offering a “PSALMS 23” WEEKEND GET-AWAY at ROCK RIVER RETREAT outside of Webster City, IA. Join us November 13-15 for a time of relaxation and fellowship. We will have access to the main lodge and the guest house to provide plenty of rooms and bathrooms. There is a huge kitchen in the main lodge that we can utilize. We will plan on a “themed meal” for Friday and Saturday evening and have each person contribute. You are welcome to eat away if desired. Cost will be $35 per person for the weekend. Please sign-up at the Welcome Center. We hope you will join us!

WEDNESDAY NIGHT CLUBS: The Wednesday night Adventure Club & Cubbies program will kickoff on October 7 with the annual Fall Fest. As we gear up for the 20-21 year, the CE committee is looking for some teachers and volunteers. We currently need a teacher and helper (or teachers) for the Preschool & Kindergarten class, and a male helper for the 5th & 6th grade class. If you are interested in teaching or helping out, please contact Megan Kischer. Wednesday Night Clubs will start at 6:00 PM and go until 7:00 PM. No meal will be served before Clubs; however, kids will have the option to take home a sack lunch at the end of Clubs. Look for a sign-up sheet in weeks to come asking for donations and volunteers.

NOMINATING COMMITTEE: Please pray for this committee as they have begun praying and seeking out those qualified members who may fill officer roles for 2021. If you know of someone who you think is qualified or has expressed interest in serving, please contact Kim Kischer or one of the nominating committee members to let them know. The nominating committee consists of: Kim Kischer, Pastor Jesse, Melanie Bloom, Jill DeYoung, Emily Bonin, Chris Archer and Shane Caraway.

33: The Series – Men, remember that amazing group that you were a part of at the beginning of this year? You know, the one that was challenging you to become the man that you are meant to be? Good news! We are going to finish the last three sessions in Volume #1 the first 3 weeks in November. We will hold the group at the Albert City Fire Station once again and it will be available both Tuesday evening at 6:30pm or Thursday morning at 6am. Grab a schedule from the welcome center and hand one out to a friend.