Chronological Study through the Bible 

Welcome to Pastor Jesse’s chronological study through the Bible! 
Studying through the Scriptures in its historical order and context will truly be a blessing to you. It will help you grasp a better understanding of the grand story that God has written. This study is designed to be completed in one year but you can go as fast or as slow as you would like. Double up your reading to do it in 6 months or cut it in half and take 2 years to complete it, the choice is up to you. Please watch the introductory video below as it will give you some great information and answer some basic questions before you begin the study. Feel free to email pastor Jesse at if you have any questions about anything that comes up during your journey through God’s word.

The First Age: Creation (Creation – 2000 B.C.) 

Reading Plan – Week #1
Day 1: Genesis 1 – 2
Day 2: Genesis 3 – 4
Day 3: Genesis 5 – 6
Day 4: Genesis 7
Day 5: Genesis 8 – 9
Day 6: Genesis 10
Day 7: Genesis 11 

The Second Age: The Patriarchs (2000 B.C. – 1500 B.C.) 

Reading Plan – Week #2
Day 8: Genesis
Day 9: Genesis 
Day 10: Genesis 
Day 11: Genesis 
Day 12: Genesis 
Day 13: Genesis 
Day 14: Genesis 
Video – coming soon
Video – coming soon
Reading Plan – Week #3
Day 15: 
Day 16:  
Day 17:  
Day 18: 
Day 19: 
Day 20: 
Day 21: