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P.W. Blog-Anxiety and Depression
Hi everyone! I’d like to start my blog by saying thank you for the words of encouragement and prayers for me! I feel each and every one. The last two weeks I have felt much more grounded and like myself again. 😊
Lately, I’ve seen numerous posts and articles on anxiety and depression. It is literally everywhere and for good reason. Our world is filled with unknowns right now and a LOT of fear and anxiety presents itself with fear of the unknown. Now, I am caveating right now that I have no degree in mental health or counseling. I do not ascribe to be a professional by any stretch of the imagination. I know there are many, many people who have chemical imbalances, hormonal imbalances, genetics, etc. that effects their mental health. This is not a blog against whatever you choose to do to deal with your mental health. This IS a blog to discuss what we see in the word of God and how it affects us.
I have dealt with depression, anxiety, panic attacks and being so stressed out that my body literally started breaking down. During these times I have scoured the bible on the topic of fear, anxiety, and depression. You know something that really stood out to me while studying the word? I am NOT alone. Psalms, Ecclesiastes, and Job are just a few of the examples where we definitely see some major emotional distress. When we look at individuals in the word, it is astounding how many examples there are. Most of these examples are strong people of God. I believe with all of my heart that we have these examples to encourage us and remind us that we are not going through these issues alone. When you ask most people in the depths of depression what one of their biggest struggles is, they will say that they feel alone or that no one understands. The bible reminds us that nothing could be further from the truth. I encourage you to study these examples for yourselves and pray it would give you hope.
The other thing that speaks to me is that the bible states that the mindset of the flesh is death but the mindset of the Spirit is life and peace (Romans 8:6). My flesh is weak, at its core it desires to be self-absorbed and sinful. However, with Christ I have freedom from this and with the Spirit dwelling within me I do not have to be ruled by my sin. I believe the key here is a constant yielding to the Spirit and the hard truth is we make it SO hard. I know that I do. Do I stay connected daily through prayer and the word, do I let go of all control, do I look to my salvation as freedom from bondage? Do I cast all my cares on Him? Do I let Him have His way with me? The sad answer is not nearly as much as I should. I know that even though I have the Holy Spirit of the living God and all His power within me, I do not accept it like I should. It should be so easy to experience that peace that passes ALL understanding; all I have to do is accept it.
Lastly, the bible pretty much promises us that we will have hardships and trials. This in turn should make us cling to Jesus all the harder. It helps us have compassion for others when they go through the same things and prepares us to be a voice to the hurting. As we grow in our relationship with Christ and the sanctification process takes place, God is going to work out deep roots from our past, incorrect doctrine and ideology, things we are in bondage to. The process of growth in itself can be painful and cause us to experience anxiety, stress and depression. There is freedom on the other side, of this I am assured!
In my own personal experiences, the things that helped the most were talking to others that understood and had been in my shoes, staying in the word and connected to Jesus through prayer, and journaling my thoughts (much like David does in Psalms). Remember more than anything else that you are NOT alone. We were meant to do life together, encouraging one another and building one another up.
Your Sister in Christ,

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